The Kingdom of EnenKio is composed by a small separatist group of the Marshall Islands Republic that reclaims sovereignty from the United States over Wake Island. This group seeks recognition as a sovereign State, separate from a fictitious Micronesian state to the north of the Marshall Islands. Its King is Remios Hermios. The Kingdom of EnenKio (fictitious state) was proclaimed in 1987, with Murjel Hermios as the first monarch and at his death in December of 1998, he was succeeded by his brother, Hermios Remios until the present.

Wake Island is composed of three large coral atolls named Wake Island, Peale Island and Wilkes Island, whose total area reaches about 6.5Km2. The island nearest to this group of atolls is the Bokak Atoll, among the Marshall Islands group. Wake Island has had several different names during its history, such as, for example, San Francisco, Lamira, Disclerta, Halcyon, Helsion, Wilson and its current name, Wake Island.
Until today, the Kingdom of EnenKio has not been recognised as a sovereign nation by any international organisation; in 1998, the government of the Marshall Islands republic, which reclaims Wake Island from the United States, rejected the sovereignty requested by the Kingdom of EnenKio.