How to apply to Membership to the UUN?

To request Membership in the UUN, Nations or Peoples must present a brief that contains:

  1. Name of the Nation or People.
  2. Name of the Organisation or Individual representing the Nation or People.
  3. Address, telephone number, email, and website.
  4. Brief history of the Nation or People (maximum 15 lines).
  5. The Constitution, Magna Carta, Charter, Covenant, or Principles of the Nation or People (certain Nations or Peoples may place authority in a kind of Charter, but also other paradigms may be possible)
  6. Specify if other Organisations or Individuals exist that claim to legitimately represent the same Nation or People.
  7. Payment for Membership
  8. Formal declaration requesting adhesion to the Unrepresented United Nations (UUN), declaring adhesion to the UUN Charter, the rejection of terrorism, racial and/or religious discrimination.

UUN Membership Fees per year

First World (Developed Countries)
USD 5000.00

Second World (Undeveloped Countries)
USD 1000.00

Third World (De jure State; De facto state; Juridical and empirical State; Quasi-state; Juridical state only)
USD 500.00

Fourth World (Empirical but not juridical state; De jure nation/tribe Juridical and empirical nation/tribe; Quasi-nation/tribe Juridical nation/tribe only)
USD 250.00

Fifth World (De facto nation/tribe; Empirical but not juridical nation/tribe; De jure clan; Juridical and empirical clan)
USD 150.00

Sixth World (International Organization; De facto clan)
USD 60.00

Application Form