June 10, 1997 activists from the ecology group Greenpeace occupied the diminutive land of Rockall (25 meters diameter by 20 meters high) in the Atlantic Ocean, 450 kilometers from Scotland. The occupation was part of Greenpeace’s Atlantic Frontier Campaign for protecting the seas bordering Rockall from possible oil spills caused by drilling.
Six days after the initial occupation, Rockall became the capital of the Global State of Waveland. Greenpeace has rejected British sovereignty and, as part of the Atlantic Frontier Campaign, the flag of the Global State of Waveland was raised in the tiny land by three Greenpeace activists.

According to Greenpeace, the Global State of Waveland emphasizes the conviction of protecting the environment even from a nation as powerful as the United Kingdom, in the small area of Rockall. Through Internet, the planet’s ecologists were invited to request a Certificate of Citizenship of the Global State of Waveland; in the following six months, more than 15,000 persons responded.
The Atlantic Frontier Campaign is defended by the Global State of Waveland, which rejects policies of nations such as the United Kingdom, Denmark, Iceland and Ireland in continuing oil exploration despite Greenpeace’s, and other organisations’, worries about avoiding contamination of the sea.
Financial problems have led the Global State of Waveland to collapse; however, there are no doubts that the creation of the Atlantic Frontier Campaign was a wise action by Greenpeace for saving the planet Earth.