The Northern League or Northern League for the Independence of Padania is an Italian political party, settled in the northern regions of Italy, a territory that they call Padania. The Northern League was founded in 1991 by Umberto Bossi as a federation of several parties in northern and central Italy, the majority of which emerged and widened their electorate during the eighties. The Lombard League, the Venetian League, Autonomous Piedmont, the Ligurian Union, the Emilia Romagnolan League and the Tuscan Alliance make up the Northern League for the Independence of Padania.

Currently, the electoral program of the Northern League proposes transforming Italy into a federal State, and fiscal and regional federalism as a way to obtain greater autonomy for the regions. In past years, the party defended another type of ideals, from the simple demand of greater administrative autonomy of the regions up to northern Italy’s secession from the rest of the country. Other initiatives pushed by this party are the promotion of Italian regional cultures, the rejection of illegal immigration and the reduction of assistance to the southern regions of Italy. The Padana nationalism proposes the city of Milan as its capital, and the territory reclaimed by the Northern League for the independence of Padania assumes 53.4% of the Italian territory, and 55.6% of its population.
In 2010, the Northern League for the Independence of Padania was the party with the greatest support in Veneto, the second in Lombardy, the third in Piedmont, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna and Liguria. Roberto Maroni, ex-Minister of the Interior of Italy, has been the secretary of the northern League Party since 2012.