The territory of the Coral Sea islands is composed by a group of small uninhabited islands and coral reefs in the Coral Sea, to the northwest of Australia. The islands are an outer territory of Australia, scattered in an area of about one million Km2, with an above-sea area of only 8 Km2; the largest of the small Willis Islets – as they are known – is named Coral Sea Island.
This is why the Head of State of the Willis Islets and Coral Sea Island is Queen Elizabeth of England, and its current governor is Quentin Bryce. Coral Sea Island is administered from Canberra, Australia, by the Department of Transportation and Regional Services, and Australia is in charge of the territory’s defense.

At present, Australia claims a space of 200 nautical miles or the Exclusive economic Zone for the Coral Sea Island. The territory is inhabited by only three or four operators of the weather station installed in 1921 in the southern zone of Coral Sea Island.
Coral Sea Island and the other Willis Islets are important nesting areas for birds and turtles, although their natural resources are insignificant. Most of them have less than three Km2 of soil and no ports.