The Origins of the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem from more than 900 years filled books of History and they will never forget by humanity. After the possessions in the Kingdom of Jerusalem, that is by Krak and the Margat, the defense of Saint John of Acri, the rest in Cyprus, the conquest of Rodi, the abandon of Malta, the hospitality in Saint Petersburg and about 200 years of exile in each Nation, today the Knights are called again to be together as one, an unique entity around the world to defend the values of the humanity! For that reason the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem (S.O.S.J.J) *World Confederation* from the union made in the Rodi Island (Greece) in the occasion of the incorporate Synod on October 5-8 , 2012, find to aggregate with all the others Brothers and, with this hope, offer and promise to aggregate the old Sovereign Order of Saint John.

The Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, recognized independent, free and Sovereign with the Pope letter “Pie Postulatio Voluntatis” of Pope Pascal II on February 1113, keep each prerogative about “Sovereign”, as established in different Judgments of the Italian Court and International Arbitration Court (as for example the judgment n. 35/55 on 25 june 1955 of S. Agata of Puglia, Civil Tribunal International, judgment n. 03/13 on 10.06.2013, omol. R.G. 1317/14 V. G. Court of Naples on 10.03.2014), as “Entity of International independent Rights, as a foreign State”.

The Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem *World Confederation* (Knights of Cyprus, Rhodes, Malta, Saint Petersburg), was always distinguished between the Equestrian Orders by the deep Ecumenicity of the members, open to the religion dialogue, with the Pope Saint John II° teaching. The international Order, (that is not Italian but USA jurisdiction, (State of New York), has a laic aspect as the majority of Brothers, the religion is Catholic. They are over the limits through their structures and members as volunteers organizations, foundations, no-profit associations, ONG, etc., according to the present needs to work in social matters, to protect the men rights, to assist the needy, etc, with volunteers and awareness campaign.

About traditions the Masterful: “Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem *World Confederation* (Knights of Cyprus, Rhodes, Malta, Saint Petersburg), is support by Masterful Council and the Grand Master (helped by the Patriarch Honorary and Chaplains as territorial Spiritual Guide, of the Brother’s religions)
In any case the members, laic or religious can have any religious confession, in fact they have to respect the brother’s faith and all men which have relationships.
They promise to relieve the works of predecessors that in the “Hospitale” of Jerusalem took care and lodge all men, without looking at the skin color, social condition, Faith: Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc.