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A large number of peoples in the world live below the poverty line, without respect for their human rights. Would you like to contribute by using your skills to develop a better world? Volunteering at Unrepresented United Nations (UUN) will give you the opportunity to help the less represented people in the world. Anyone can contribute their time, skills and knowledge through volunteer action. Simply apply; after we review your skills, we will send you projects in which you may participate.




European Department of Security and Information

The organisation favours international cooperation and solidarity www.desiagency.eu, bonds of friendship, and alliances between the various members of American and European information and security and the signers of the Atlantic Pact (NATO), the fight against crime, risk management, analyze and study strategies for national and international security, formation and training of personnel, civil protection, services for guarding and protecting human rights, legal services, support activities and task force in the poorest countries.

The Accademia Internazionale Umanitaria Opere – AIUO www.aiuoumanitariaopere.altervista.org seeks objectives of social solidarity to support those who live in objective situations of unease connected to situations of degradation, severe economic difficulties or social emergency. According to these principles, the Organization expresses and holds as its own the highly noble universal values that are at the Bylaws’ foundation: charity, social solidarity, helping the poor and the sick.