The Principality of Seborga is an Italian Micronation in the Liguria region, Imperia Province, bordering with France. The Principality of Seborga’s government takes the form of a Constitutional Monarchy, currently headed by Princess Nina Menegatto.

Basing himself on historical documents, Giorgio Carbone, head of a local agricultural cooperative floated the idea in 1960 of founding a Seborga, independent of Italy; three years later he was elected as Head of State of the Principality of Seborga, and after that named Prince Giorgio I of Seborga. In 1995 the residents voted in favor of a Constitution for the principality; however, these demands were never recognised, neither in Italy nor by the international community.

Without a doubt, the Principality of Seborga enjoys the same public services as any other town in Italy. Many see all this as a form of publicity; in recent years has been visited by important mass media, interested in the originality of the institutional case.
The main reason for asking for independence is that Seborga was an independent principality until January 20, 1729, the date in which Victor Amadeo II, King of Sardinia, acquired it.