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Unrepresented United Nations condemns the bombing of Syria

Unrepresented United Nations condemns the bombing of SyriaThe organisation of the Unrepresented United Nations (UUN) condemned the bombing against military and civilian installations in the Arab Republic of Syria, led by the United States, supported by the armed forces of France and the United Kingdom, under the doubtful argument of the supposed use of chemical weapons against civilians by the government of Bashad Al Assar.
This unilateral action was carried out without the support of the Security Council of the United Nations, so it has clearly violated the principles of International Law and the Charter of this organisation which is becoming more and more useless and serves imperialist powers.
The Secretary General of the UUN, Dr. Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb, strenuously protested against this action, and considers it a criminal act that once again demonstrates the inefficiency of the Security Council of The United Nations, which rules by the antidemocratic system of the “veto”, which facilitates aggressions against sovereign States and is antidemocratic.
The bombing over Syria massacred civilians ;however, they are considered “collateral damage”; in addition, unilateral actions like the ones carried out this past April 13 increase the destabilization of one of the most complex regions on the planet.
The UUN reiterates its total opposition to the use of military force for resolving conflicts and pleads for absolute respect of the free will of peoples to decide their own future and invites all Nations that don’t feel like they are represented by the United Nations to join the organisation of the Unrecognised United Nations.



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