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Separatist Movements meet in Moscow

indipendentistasThe event, “Dialogue of Nations; Right of the Peoples to self-Determination and Building of a Multipolar World” took place in the President Hotel in Moscow, uniting representatives of separatist and self-determination movements who analyzed common challenges and ways to support each other.
The event was sponsored by the Russian administration who received delegates from the Kingdom of Hawaii, the Sovereign National State of Borinken (Puerto Rico), the “Uhuru” revolutionary movement, the Catalan Solidarity for Independence, the Irish Sinn Fein, the Republican Party of Ireland, the Western Sahara Polisario Front and up to a dozen foreign delegations.
There were several speeches from the delegates. Professor Ramon Nenadich, president of the Sovereign National State of Borinken in Puerto Rico requested the “withdrawal of all military and administrative representatives of the colonial Government” of the United States and that Washington should take over the island’s debt. Meanwhile, the representative from the Kingdom of Hawaii, Lanny Sinkin, brought greeting from King Edmund K. Silva, Jr. and requested that the independence enjoyed by the Kingdom until the end of the XIX century be restored.
In addition, Omali Yeshitela, from Uhuru, warned that his movement has a revolutionary character and that they demand the right to oppose “North American colonialism” in Africa. Fyodor Biryukov requested, in the name of Rodina, a Russian nationalist party, requested that all those present use every resource they have access to, to create an organisation of sovereign countries and a front against Washington.
Then, the political scientist Georgui Fiodorov called for coordination “through the existing ONG” to create “a support system for liberation movements around the world.”
Enrich Folch, of the Catalan Solidarity, gave a historical exposition and clarified that European leaders like Angela Merkel or David Cameron have attempted “to frighten the population by assuring that Catalonia can’t be part of the European Union. “We’ll see. The liberation of Catalonia from Spain is top priority and we’ll decide the rest when we’re independent, because what worries the European leaders is who will pay Spain’s debt if Catalonia gains independence.” There were cries of “Long live Catalonia” and then a video was shown with separatist manifestations. At the end, Folch said he would like the next conference of these movements to be in Barcelona.



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