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The UUN affirms that Catalonia must choose its own future

Catalonia must choose its own future 2The Unrepresented United Nations (UUN), through its Secretary General and founder, Dr. Giovani Caporaso Gottlieb, recognises that Catalonia must chose its own future, after knowing that more than two million Catalonians called to the urns Sunday, November 9 voted in favor of Catalonia’s independence from Spain, which the Catalonian president Artur Mas qualified as a “total success”.
The ballot had only two questions: Do you want Catalonia to be a State? If yes, do you want this State to be independent? To which 1,861,753 people responded Yes-Yes (80.76%); (232,192 voted Yes-No (10.07%), and only 4.54% (104,772 voters) chose No for both answers. On this occasion 2,305, 290 people out of around 5,000,000 Catalonians with the right to vote (with a population estimated at 7,571,000 in 2012) came to the urns, which shows the same persistent high abstention rate the characterized the referendums of 2006 and 2012.
In 2006, the Catalonians with the right to vote were divided in half: those voting for independence and those who didn’t, with the latter being in the majority, overcoming the former with 61,000 blank votes. A total of 2,569,268 Catalonians went to the urns. Regarding this, the Unrecognised United Nations is also pleased by the tranquility and transparency with which the referendum was developed, reminding us that Catalonia complies with all criteria required by international law for recognizing states. “There is a territory, a population and a government,” Dr. Giovanni Caporaso declared, and continues referring to the first article of the Charter of the Unrecognised United Nations, where it states that the UUN is committed to “maintaining the peace and international security, and taking collective measures against breaking peace (…), achieving, through peaceful measures and in accordance with the principles of justice and international law, the settlement or regulation of controversies…”
It’s good to remember that last March 25 the Spanish Constitutional Court declared the Catalonian’s self-determination referendum illegal, in a sentence that annulled a declaration of Catalonia’s sovereignty by the regional Parliament, the first step toward the referendum vote that was carried out on last November 9.
The Spanish newspaper El Pais emphasized on the front page that “Catalonia has clearly stated that we want to govern ourselves (…) Let no one forget , especially the Spanish State, that Catalonia wants to govern itself. We want to decide our political future, and we’re adult enough to do it,” referring to a speech repeated over and over by Artur Mas.
Matching its fundamental premises, the Unrecognised United Nations asks the Spanish government that they respect Catalonia’s sovereign right to decide their future, as demonstrated in the recent referendum.



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