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Catalonia votes on Referendum

Cataluna referendo2The Catalonian Parliament approved, with a wide majority, a law that will permit a sovereign enquiry (Referendum) to be convened just a few hours after knowing about the defeat of the pro-independence proposal in Scotland. The Spanish government has reiterated that it will appeal against the new norm before the Constitutional Court.
Faced with the government’s refusal to permit the Catalonians to decide regarding their independence, the Unrepresented United Nations Organisation (UUN), through its founder and Secretary General, Dr. Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb, on the basis of and in agreement with International Law, has stated “Any territory of the planet becomes a Nation in the measure in which it unites the following elements: territory, population and autonomous government.” That’s why recognition by the International Community has a merely political and declaratory effect, as pointed out by the Secretary General of the UUN.
The law for the Referendum was passed with 106 votes, 78% of the Regional Parliament, coming from the major Catalonian Regional Nationalist (CiU, ERC) and Socialist (PSC) parties, among others; while 28 representatives from the Catalonia People’s Party (center right) and the Ciutadans voted contrary. At the termination of the vote, the majority of the representatives applauded for a full two minutes, while hundreds of pro-independents assembled around the Catalonian Parliament doors to celebrate the approval of the for a sovereign enquiry.
With this law, the president of the Catalonia Region, Artur Mas of the nationalist conservative party CiU, which governs Catalonia with the support of the leftist ERC, hopes to hold the Referendum on November 9, while the Spanish government of Mariano Rajoy (PP) insists that it is illegal if not within the framework of the Constitution.
Now, the next step is the publication of said law in the Official Gazette of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia (Catalonian Government), with which Artur Mas will be in the position to call the sovereign enquiry that the Spanish Government has already announced that it will appeal against before the Constitutional Court.
However, the Spanish constitution doesn’t allow referenda that don’t include all Spanish citizens, and experts say that the Constitutional Court of Spain will declare the sovereign enquiry defended by Artur Mas as illegal. If so, the Unrepresented United Nations Organisation will turn to lifting its voice so that the decision of a region of the Spanish peninsula that joins “territory, population, and autonomous government” together to govern its destiny, be respected.



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