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Israel accepts the Creation of the State of Palestine

Israel is born2“In front of me, the Prime Minister of Israel has accepted the establishment of the state of Palestine and told me that the only thing left is for the negotiators to define the 1967 borders in detail” the president of the Palestine National Authority (PNA), Mahmud Abbas, in declarations made in the presidential palace of the Muqata Ramallah, spread by the Ma’an News Agency.
Mahmud Abbas said that in his meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu left feeling that the State of Palestine and the Palestinians “won’t accept partial negotiations (…), but only an overall agreement regarding the borders.”
Abbas reminds us that “Israel is the only country in the world that has no defined borders,” all of which confirms the versions circulating all day on Thursday, August 28 in the Jordanian press, about having personally interviewed Netanyahu in the days preceding the signing of the permanent cease-fire between Israel and the Palestine Militia, for putting an end to the battles in Gaza.
Faced with this exceptional news, the Secretary General of the Unrepresented United Nations (UUN), Dr. Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb, congratulates both parts for reaching an agreement for putting an end to the brutal violence begun last July against the Gaza Strip and the acceptance of the existence of the State of Palestine, respecting the borders established in 1967.
In addition, Mahmud Abbas revealed that the main Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Erekat, and the head of the secret services, Majid Farrah, will meet next week with the American Secretary of state, John Kerry, in an unspecified location for giving details of this conversation and future steps to be taken. “We hope for a day, a week or a month and, if there is an agreement, we’ll be free in our territory; however we’re not going to hope for 20 years or that Israel can start a war every two years,” the leader of the Palestine National Authority assures, however.
According to Israeli sources, Israel’s cabinet of Ministers is meeting this Friday to discuss this and other matters, in particular the cease-fire of Last Tuesday, which puts an end to 50 days of fighting during which more than 2,100 Palestinians died, most of whom were civilians and a fourth of whom were children, along with 69 Israelis, 64 of whom were military.
The UUN reiterates its satisfaction that, finally, the State of Palestine can be integrated into the world by right, to remake its territory and the lives of its inhabitants, who have known only tears and mourning for almost four decades.



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