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The State of California recognises Nagorno Karabakh

Nagorno 2The California Senate approved a resolution on Wednesday, August 27, recognizing Nagorno Karabakh’s efforts to become a free country and independent nation, and formally asking the President and Congress of the United States to support the free determination and democratic independence of this Republic.
The president of the Senate, Kevin De Leon, said in his opening speech that “The ethnic Armenian people in this region have suffered tremendously and deserve a free and independent homeland where they won’t be in danger of persecution. California can be a front line leader that seeks to motivate change in the world…With that in mind, I ask you to support democracy, freedom, a people’s resolution to conflicts and international recognition and recognition of Nagorno Karabakh.”
It was previously endorsed by the Unrepresented United Nations (UUN), whose Secretary General, Dr. Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb, has expressed on repeated occasions the need to respect the right of the citizens of Nagorno Karabakh to be free and independent.
Thousands of Armenians live in California, refugees from the pogroms suffered in Sumgait and Kirovabad in 1988 and in Baku in 1990, as part of Azerbaijan’s plan for ethnic purification. Many of them were present at the historic vote, together with representatives of the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), who promoted this proposal.
California is a federated state of the United States, located on the southwest coast of the country; its capital is Sacramento. It is has the highest population in the United States, with a population of 38 million and a surface area of 423,971 Km2, making it the third largest state after Alaska and Texas. It has the second and fifth most populated areas in the nation, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.
The State of California’s economy is among the 10 most important economic powers in the world (around 1.55 billion dollars, according to 2004 data), which represents 13% of the American Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which amounts to a total of 14 billion dollars. The state’s main economic activities are agriculture, leisure, electric energy and tourism. Some of the world’s most important economic centres are located in California, such as Los Angeles (entertainment and leisure), the Central Valley (agriculture), Silicon Valley (computing) and Napa Valley (wines).
The UUN supports the wise decision adopted by the State of California’s authorities and hopes that other States and Nations will follow them, with hopes that, in the near future, Nagorno Karabakh and its peoples will live in peace and harmony.



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