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The UUN repudiates genocide in the Gaza Strip

Repudiate Gaza strip 2The Unrepresented United Nations Organisation (UUN) has watched, with concern, the escalation of war waged by the State of Israel since July 8 against the defenseless population of the Gaza Strip, a highly populated Palestinian enclave of 362 km2; up until now there have been about 2,000 deaths (mostly civilians) and more than 8,000 wounded.
During the meeting of representatives of Palestinian movement, Hamas, and the State of Israel in Cairo, a fragile truce – not exempt from isolated incidents – was signed, allowing at least the arrival of humanitarian aid to the victims of this genocide, an event that the UUN congratulates and, naturally, hopes will be respected and lasting.
Regarding this, it’s a good idea to remember this phrase from the Talmud: “Don’t do unto others what you would not want done unto you.” Quoting the ancient text seems very opportune for these days, as said by Henry Siegman, one of the American Jewish leaders.
“Confusing the millennial Jewish people with the State of Israel is a trick that both anti-Semites and Nazis know how to use very well, just like the State of Israel itself,” he clarified, and called the Israeli justification of having “the right to defend themselves” a “moral insult”. He added, “If they truthfully don’t want to kill Palestinians; if they truly don’t want to cause them pain, then they can just stop killing them. And give them rights. And end the occupation. Why blame the Palestinians for the massacres and occupation? Why do they want their own State? They want the same thing that the wanted and obtained.”
As stated in Article 1 of the Unrecognised United Nations Charter, the organisation is committed to “maintaining international peace and security, and taking collective measures to avoid that the peace be impinged upon, as well as suppressing acts of aggression and other breaches of peace; achieving, through pacific measures and conformity to the principles of justice and international law, the adjustment or regulation of controversies or international situations capable of leading to breaches of the peace.”
Israelis and Palestinians have been maintaining a ceasefire since Monday, August 8. For the citizens of the Gaza Strip, this is the longest respite of this war, and the UUN trusts that it last indefinitely.
In conclusion, we should remember that on November 29, 2012 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted resolution 67/19 in virtue of which the State of Palestine was awarded the status of “Non-Member State observer” in the organisation, reaffirming the right of the Palestinian people to a territory defined before the war of 1967, an act that was recognised at the time by the Unrecognised United Nations Organisation.



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