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The International Parliament for Safety and Peace and the Unrepresented United Nations Sign Bilateral Agreement

UUN agreement 800The International Parliament for Safety and Peace (PMSP for its initials in English) and the Unrepresented United Nations (UUN) signed a bilateral agreement in Havana, Cuba, which will unite the two organisations even more.
The PMSP is an intergovernmental organisation of States, formed on December 15, 1975 and reckons with diplomatic and parliamentary delegations from various nations. Its objective is to defend and protect the peace among all peoples of the world and safety for all nations. All States that have adhered to this organisation have the obligation of giving help and collaboration, as well as offering moral, political, diplomatic, cultural, religious and economic support to all National Governments and their respective parliamentary institutions.
The UUN is an Inter-State organisation whose central objective is to assist and represent the nations and peoples that have no representation or are badly represented and therefore, can’t express their positions in relevant forums or obtain recognition, to maintain international peace and safety, and to guarantee self-determination of the peoples.
The UUN has taken various measures for reinforcing universal peace, promoting international cooperation in resolving international problems of economic, social cultural or humanitarian nature, as well as calling for strengthening respect of basic human rights and freedoms for the whole world, without distinction of race, sex, language or religion.
The bilateral agreement between these two organisations was signed in Havana in July by Dr. Cesare Sebastiano Fussone, General Grand Chancellor of the PMSP and Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb, Secretary General of the UUN.
Thi agreement establishes that the PMSP recognises the association between the UUN States, while the latter also recognises the Parliament as an association between States, established by the Orthodox Archbishop Makarios III on December 15, 1975.
In addition, the Agreement states that the Member States of the two institutions will respect, and deal with establishing all previously signed treaties and agreements regarding Peace and Safety among the Nations.
It is also established that both organisations begin to link programs about matters related to peace, nuclear disarmament, the destruction of chemical and biological weapons, respecting human rights in the world, and national territorial safety, specifically among the Member States.
The two organisations agree that, beginning with the general principles of their statutes, they are ready to sign new bilateral agreements, with the objective of facilitating political, diplomatic, social and economic activities that allow ensuring peace, progress, liberty and justice for these organisations and for their Member States.
In conclusion, the UUN advised the PMSP that all matters related to justice and relations between Member States should be resolved through its courts, which are currently the High Court of Justice and the International Court of Arbitration.
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