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The Annexation of South Ossetia Returns to the Scene

03After the situation created in the East European boundaries by the Russian annexation of the Crimean peninsula, followed by the movements in southeast Ukraine for its independence from that country so it could ally itself with Russia, the secretary general of the NATO, Denmark’s Fogh Rasmussen, announced that the Land, Sea and Air forces of this organisation are in a state of alert.
The leader mentioned the “precedent created” by the Russian annexation of South Ossetia, in Georgia, after the war in the summer of 2008, followed by its government’s turn toward the West. According to Rasmussen, “We are facing a world event of genetic coherence – in terms of ideological and political organisations – regarding the Russian government. It had to do with recovering, only in terms of national power, success as an international power which historically became The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.”  
Fogh Rasmussen spoke against Russia saying that, “the annexation of South Ossetia, metabolized by the West in terms of normality, was a sort of dress rehearsal, as we now understand it. Now, like then, The NATO had sent a destroyer to the Black Sea but without major consequences. There are no deterrence measures now before the immediate conference on the Ukraine, which is taking place in Geneva, with the government of Kiev, between Russia and the western world.”
There are no doubts that the NATO fears an even larger fragmentation of the Ukraine, since the coup d’état that ousted Yanukovich from the Presidency has cost the West many millions of Euros and Dollars. It is even more fearful that what happened to South Ossetia will be repeated. The United States and its allies in the NATO will do everything necessary to prevent it.



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