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Padania Proposes a Federal Italy

1323050566292padaniadnThe secretary of the Party of the Northern League for the Independence of Padania, Roberto Maroni, ex-Minister of Italy’s Internal Affairs is continuing his party’s campaign during 2014 in favor of transforming Italy into a Federal State, with tax and regional federalism as a means for gaining greater autonomy for the regions.
Padania is a Mediterranean region where, like many others in Italy, the northern part of the country is richer and the economic development is historically based on a national market and an abundance of immigrant workforce and trade proceeding from the south. That’s why they conserve bits of culture and old traditions and even notable linguistic differences.
The Northern League or Northern League for the Independence of Padania was born in this scenario, established in 1991 by Umberto Bossi almost in the image and resemblance of the majority of the leagues that rose up during the eighties, like, for instance, the Lombard League, the Venetian League, the Piedmont Autonomist, the Ligurian Union, the Emilia-Romagna League and the Alliance. These days, Tuscany has joined with the Northern League for the Independence of Padania, since the organisation has become the fate of the various northern and central Italian parties. Other initiatives promoted this year by the Party of the Northern League for the Independence of Padania is the promotion of Italian Regional cultures, the rejection of illegal immigration and the reduction of assistance for the southern regions of Italy.



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