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The Principality of Sealand for Sale

sealand-4Because of suffering from a lack of recognition of its sovereignty and legitimacy, the Principality of Sealand is one of the most known micronations in the world and is used at the moment as a case study on the way that International Law can be applied in disputes regarding micronations, unless they are recognised by the Unrecognised United Nations Organisation (UUN).
However, this isn’t the news; the present regent prince of the Principality of Sealand, Michael, and his elderly father, Paddy Roy Bates, the first Prince Roy of Sealand, have decided to sell this island nation, the smallest in Europe, based on a 550 m2 platform standing on two pillars in international waters, seven sea miles from the English coast to the north of the Thames’ estuary.
In 1967, the ex-major of the British Army, Paddy Roy Bates and his family occupied the one-time defensive shield used against air attacks and the German navy during World War II, establishing the Principality of Sealand.
More than four decades later they have decided to put an end to this chapter, however on certain inviolable bases. “Technically, this is not a sale, but a transfer. We are transferring the government, history and concept of Sealand,” they admit, clarifying that he is defending its self-proclaimed status of sovereign State. And, above all, the possible negotiations of development in Sealand must respect the interests of the United Kingdom. This is a requirement that both Paddy Roy Bates and his son Michael demand, given their British nationality.



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