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Increased Interest in the Principality of Seborga

principado seborgaSince the death of Prince George I, founder of the Principality of Seborga on November 25, 2009, this Italian micronation located in Liguria, in the province of Imperia, has been led by Prince Marcello Menegatto, and has enjoyed the same public services and currency (Euro) as any other Italian territory.
The Principality of Seborga was created in 1960, when Giorgio Carbone, head of a local agricultural cooperative, had the idea of reasserting the independence of the Principality of Seborga which had been illegally annexed by Italy. Three years he was elected Head of State of the Principality of Seborga and, later, named Prince Giorgio I of Seborga. In 1995, the residents voted in favor of the Constitution of the Principality; without a doubt, these demands were never recognised, neither by Italy nor by the international community; however, it was by the Unrepresented United Nations Organisation (UUN), which recognises the government of the Principality of Seborga as a Constitutional Monarchy, basing its request for independence on the fact that Seborga was an independent principality until January 20, 1729, the date when Victor Amadeo II, King of Sardinia bought it.
In recent years, the Principality of Seborga has been visited more and more by important communication media interested in the originality of the institutional case, as well as national and foreign tourists who are approaching the small territory with only 400 inhabitants in order to satisfy their curiosity. Certainly, the community uses several official languages: Italian, French and Ligurian, and its population profess Catholicism.



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