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Statement by the Secretary-General of the Unrepresented United Nations on Violent Acts that Occurred in Venezuela

giovanni caporaso uunWe are deeply sorry to regret that we have seen the violent images of the events that have occurred in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela since last February 12. They have had a tragic outcome: the death of 8 people while tens of others were injured. More than a few media, both Venezuelan and international, have cast aside the impartiality that should govern their labors to publish unverified news and reproduce rumors–and they have even falsified photographs and videos. Also, these media have stated that the revolts expanded throughout Venezuela, when in fact, they are concentrated in certain townships. All this has contributed toward rarefying the air in this South American country.
The Organization of Unrepresented United Nations condemns these events, considers them unacceptable and calls for dialog and reconciliation. This will be done while always respecting the Venezuelan constitution and the legally elected government in April 2013 led by Nicolás Maduro Moros.
The Organization of Unrepresented United Nations has joined the petition made by political and religious leaders, athletes and artists for peace to return to Venezuela and so that, through civilized dialog, the government and the opposition can find, among the differences, common ground that will enable them to eliminate all the sources of violence and for Venezuela’s present and future to be peaceful. We value the steps taken by President Maduro as being quite positive because he called a National Peace Conference, and we hope that this call to repectful dialog will be responded to in like manner by the Table for Unity. We would like to reiterate our support of all initiatives that entail the end to violence, and we ratify our position that the internal problems of Venezuelans should be resolved by the Venezuelans themsevles, without interference from other countries, in compliance with the strictest rules of international law.
Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb
Unrepresented United Nations



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