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The Most Complete Dossier on Separatism

separatismoThe media’s manipulation has caused the people, when they hear the term “separatism” to think of a people’s movement that, in the long run, will end up being armful to them. The reality is completely different, as shown by the dossier “Separatism”, an investigation carried out by the Unrepresented United Nations Organisation and available on the official site of the Expats Ebooks editor (http://www.expatsebooks.com).
This dossier is necessary, because it explains, in six moments, the fortune and misfortune through which the separatist movements have passed in their quest to obtain international recognition and to reach the purpose for which they are fighting, both peacefully as well as with the military.
“Separatism” begins with a run through of the legal elements that support the claims of movements and also analyses some of the historical facts that have acted as paradigms for the separatists. Then, the dossier presents a study of the most important cases of separatist movements on the five continents.
This compilation is very interesting, because the reader will have in hand an abridged version of the history and development of separatist movements in places far apart from each other, such as the Basque Country and the Zulia state in Venezuela. Continuing, the dossier identifies the main causes that incited the emergence and consolidation of the separatist movements during history.
A run through the most famous separatist rebellions of all times is carried out in the following epigraph, and similarities and differences between these processes are shown. In conclusion, the “Separatism” dossier relates the manipulations, of every type, that the separatist movements in diverse regions of the planet receive, and some solutions that they have found to revert the adverse propaganda campaigns.   



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