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Separatism, a UUN Dossier

separatismThe Unrepresented United Nations Organisation (UUN) presented a new dossier, entitled “Separatism”, with which it continues its line of investigation on separatist movements and the existence of micronations throughout the world. This dossier counts on updated information, is well-written and its easy structure lets the reader quickly emerge himself in the work’s objectives. The dossier is available in digital version at the site of the Expats Ebooks editor (http://www.expatsebooks.com).
The investigation carried out by the UUN is divided into six chapters, although each one can be read independently. The first of these is dedicated to analysing the different theories and laws that protect the separatist movements. Here, it was necessary to consult laws, books and interviews of experts on the subject matter. In the second and third chapters, “Separatism” explains the causes and the historical development of the separatist movements on the five continents. After reading this part of the work, it isn’t difficult to understand that separatism is becoming more and more alive in the XXI century.
The dossier’s fourth chapter is dedicated to explaining the different reasons that have motivated the separatists and, then, some of the most famous separatist rebellions are identified. And last, a serious analysis appears of the different manipulative strategies that governments and the mass media have used to put a stop to the separatist movements.
The UUN hits the target with this dossier, because it fills a void with information on separatist movements. When someone wants to know exactly what is happening with these movements, at the least they already have a well-written and profound text to turn to.



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