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Separatism, a change in point of view

separatismEach time you read about uprisings, protests, claims from separatist movements in different parts of the world you thought that these groups didn’t deserve even the least amount of recognition. So much reading of reading traditional communication media had affected my judgement and for this I am happy to have interacted with the “Separatism” dossier, of the Unrepresented United Nations (UUN) that I found on the web, with the Expats EBooks Editors.
I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that I learned a lot from reading this subject. Nor can I say that “I completely changed my mind”, because I really didn’t, but now, at least, I have more subject matter for understanding what exactly is happening with these movements and I believe I can identify with several of them. The actions that these movements have carried out (minus the armies, which I could never approve of), seem entirely legitimate to me.
I hope that more people can read the dossier “Separatism” prepared by the UUN, because a complete summary on the main movements appears in the pages of this investigation, together with their characteristics, demands, problems, and possible results. Before, it took work to locate information on internet, now all I need to do is turn on my tablet and there is the pdf of “Separatism”, a text that I recommend to all those who are interested in knowing, without a lot of mediation, what is happening in regions like the Basque Country, in Padania, Italy or Zulia in Venezuela.



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