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Nonconformist Andalusia SOSP with the Basque Country and Navarra

Jose Antonio GrinanThe Andalusian affiliates of the Spanish Obrero Socialist Party (SOSP) asked that the proposed reforms to the Constitution – which should be approved by the Territorial Council on July 6 –include a substantial change in the present system: the participation of the Basque Country and Navarra in the mechanism for balancing the common financial system, to which all the other communities contribute.
The concept is defended by Jose Antonio Griñán, president of the Spanish Obrero Socialist Party (SOSP) and of the Andalusia Autonomous Government, and consists of the fact that in a constitutional modification by the Federal Court, this is “the opportune moment for attempting, once again, a full tax comparison of all the historical territories” and “to explore the possibility of confronting some of the most serious deficiencies shown by institutions as they put the agreements and conventions into practice,” in Jose Antonio Griñán’s opinion.
The report that manages the most powerful bench of the Spanish Obrero Socialist Party (SOSP), sustains that it is still possible, even without a Constitutional reform, that the regional territories contribute to balancing out Spain; without a doubt, they will have to modify the quota law and, given the fact that the Constitution requires that this reform be agreed upon, it’s highly improbable to reach a methodology that corrects the differences that the present system produces in per capita funding, favorable to the Basque Country and Navarra.
This is the reason for which they propose including a guarantee or a mandate directed to updating the regional regime in its financial dimension in the Magna Carta so that the Basque Country and Navarra will be required to contribute to the common pool. Today, both autonomies participate only in the fund for inter-territorial compensation, indifferent to the autonomous funding system.
In its document, the Spanish Obrero Socialist Party (SOSP) proposes unifying everything into a single fund, named for solidarity. The present cooperation and competition funds are two of the four in the common regime created in 2009 for the autonomies with fewer resources, from the first and from the second, to not discourage the wealthy. That is where, according to the SOSP, it’s necessary to include the Basque Country and Navarra.



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