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Lifting the Gaza Blockade

bandera palestina-estado-palestino-bandera-palestina16Today, the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council approved a resolution, with 131 votes in favor, 1 opposed and 3 abstaining, that asks the Israeli officials to lift the Gaza blockade which has been in place since June 2006, as well as promoting respect of human rights, democracy and State rights.
The writer of the report “The Situation in the Middle East”, the Italian legislator, Pietro Marcenaro, reminds us that more than 600,000 colonists live on the West Bank alone. They also asked for the liberation of the detained members of the Palestinian Legislative Council and numerous other prisoners, according to the Annapolis Agreement.
The resolution that had precedence over the report that used the designation Palestine for the first time instead of Palestine Authority, after the General Assembly of the United Nations recognised the State of Palestine in November 2012.
In addition to removing the Gaza blockade, the text also requests the end of arbitrary detentions and administrative detentions of Palestinian, with the violence toward detainees and the transfer of Palestinian prisoners to Israeli jails, which violates international humanitarian laws.
This Chamber of this Pan-European organisation of 47 member states called on Israel to “cease the construction of new colonies and enlarging those already existing.” The adopted resolution hopes to formulate “a solution for the two states, which are the State of Israel and the State of Palestine”, and complains that the process for peace hasn’t made headway since 2012. Pietro Marcenaro criticized the role exercised by the international community regarding the process for peace, to signing what “we can’t play the political ostrich like we have done in the past.”
Pietro Marcenaro’s requests the Palestinian forces to comply with the announced reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas, the organisation of presidential and legislative elections, abstaining from the use of violence against Israeli citizens, ending the violence toward detainees and especially, lifting the Gaza blockade.
Pietro Marcenaro also warns in the report that the divergence of opinions in the Israeli Government regarding process for peace. So, the president of the Knesset, the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Science and Technology support creating the State of Palestine, whereas the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and the assistant Prime Minister have publicly shown themselves against the idea.



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