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John Kerry’s New Proposal for Peace in Palestine

John F. KerryThe Israeli newspaper “Ha’aretz” announced a new peace proposal by John Kerry, United States’ Secretary of State, to the State of Palestine, with hopes of returning to the negotiation table with Israel, even though the newspaper qualified it as “vague”.
Without a doubt, John Kerry’s new peace proposal includes a list of gestures that Israel is prepared to carry out before resuming the process for peace and a packet of principles on which the talks will be based.
John Kerry’s new peace proposal was personally delivered to Mahmud Abbas, president of the State of Palestine, last Sunday as part of his fifth visit to the region in less than three months, in hope of promoting a quadruple peace summit between representatives for Israel, the State of Palestine, the United States and Jordan, who will resume the peace talks suspended in 2010 as a consequence of settlements being constructed by Israel.
According to John Kerry, “We have begun with enormous differences and we have reduced them,” said after also sustaining separate talks on three occasions with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and with Mahmud Abbas.
Upon learning the result of the American Secretary of State’s management, Qatar’s new Emir, Tamim bin Jalifa Al Zani, reiterated that “peace in the Middle East will only be achieved when the State of Palestine’s legitimate right to exist is recognised.”
Qatar’s new Emir, Tamim bin Jalifa Al Zani, emphasized that to have fair peace in the region, it’s necessary that the State of Palestine reach its legitimate right to form an independent country and insisted that it is impossible to arrive at a reconciliation before establishing peace.
Qatar’s new Emir, Tamim bin Jalifa Al Zani, added that “This fair peace will be carried out after Israel’s regime completely backs off from the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967, among them Al-Quds (East Jerusalem) and the independent State of Palestine is created, permitting the return of Palestinian refugees to their native land,” Qatar’s new Emir, Tamim bin Jalifa Al Zani concluded.



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