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Rami Hamdalla Withdraws his Resignation

abbas2The president of the State of Palestine, Mahmud Abbas, has announced that the Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdalla has withdrawn the resignation he presented last Thursday.
Abbas and Hamdalla met last Friday government sources of the State of Palestine confirmed that Rami Hamdalla withdrew his resignation in a crucial moment for the reconciliation process with the Islamic group Hamas, which governs the strip of Gaza, and for the peace negotiations with Israel, which the White house is trying to revitalize.
Rami Hamdalla began his mandate with series of gestures which have earned him the sympathies of a large part of the Palestinian citizenry, like refusing the protection that Israel offered him for crossing area C of the West Bank, which is found under complete Israeli civil and military control.
According to press releases, Mahmud Abbas assigned two advisers, Mohamed Mustafa and Ziad Abu Amru to Rami Hamdalla, an independent academician who was the Vice Chancellor of the prestigious University of An-Najah for 15 years; the Prime Minister has had several contrasts with the two men. Likewise, Mahmud Abbas was very displeased that Hamdalla made his resignation public before meeting with him; however, he decided to create a Government crisis right in the period when the American Secretary of State, John Kerry, had set for resuming peace negotiations with Israel. In the end, Rami Hamdalla withdrew his resignation.
In the past few days the State of Palestine’s Prime Minister’s agenda has been very heavy. Just since Tuesday he has presided over two councils of Ministers. He visited the enclosure of the Mosques, in east Jerusalem, for the first time in his new position, without an Israeli escort on Sunday. Thursday, he met in Ramala with the High Representative of Foreign Affairs of the European Union, Catherine Ashton. His position doesn’t include powers regarding the peace negotiations with Israel, but he must deal with repairing the West Bank’s economy, considerably affected by the sanctions that Israel endorsed after the State of Palestine entered the United Nations General Assembly as a “Non-Member Observer State’.

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