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The Micronations

Micronation Union flagThe Micronations are entities that aspire to be recognized as a nation or independent State, but cannot count on international recognition, unlike other nations that count on a minimum of international recognition or else are independent de facto republics. These Micronations are often taken in as “new country projects”, but properly established nations rarely grant them importance, even though they are completely aware of their existence. These tiny republics have even held exhibitions to make themselves known by the general public, such as the 1st Universal Micronations Exhibit of Barcelona, in June 2004, which even had a summit of the Heads of State. Among others that participated at the Universal Exhibition of Micronations was the state of SoS (State of Sabotage) drawn by the artist Robert Jelinek at the Biennial Exhibit of Venice 1992, a micronation that symbolically  links to the following cities: Linz (Austria), Nice (France) and Baldrockistan (Australia). The visitors of this universal micro-exhibit could also adopt the micronation that captivated them the most, even undergoing a test to know which is most appropriate for them on the basis of their characteristics; this way, they could feel “a little less like a slave of a mother country that is theirs only because of a random act: the place where your parents decided to give birth and register you in the registry office,” according to what a placard said. In relation to micronations, there were also the congresses held in the Andrews Kreps gallery in New York from June 24-29, 2005, attended by representatives from Sealand, Elgaland and Vargaland, New Utopia, Atlantium, Frestonia and Fusa, and the congress held at the beginning of 2007 in the Paris Palace in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Micronations Union (MU) represent several Micronations.



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