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Free Territory of Trieste

The Free Territory of Trieste is a sovereign Nation, with land borders that go from Duino/ Devin until the Mirna/ Quieto River; meanwhile, the maritime boundaries reach international waters in the center of this area. This is, by definition, a multicultur ...

Country or NationFree Territory of Trieste

The Northern League or Northern League for the Independence of Padania is an Italian political party, settled in the northern regions of Italy, a territory that they call Padania. The Northern League was founded in 1991 by Umberto Bossi as a federation of ...

Country or NationPadania

The Principality of Seborga is an Italian Micronation in the Liguria region, Imperia Province, bordering with France. The Principality of Seborga’s government takes the form of a Constitutional Monarchy, currently headed by Prince Marcello Menegatto. Bas ...

Country or NationSeborga



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