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The Origins of the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem from more than 900 years filled books of History and they will never forget by humanity. After the possessions in the Kingdom of Jerusalem, that is by Krak and the Margat, the defense of Saint John of ...

Country or NationSovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem * * WORLD CO...
Sacred Mountain

Mount Athos is the name given to the mountainous area that shapes the easternmost peninsula of the three that extend towards the south of Central Macedonia, north of Greece; that is the Autonomous Monastic State of the Sacred Mountain. Mount Athos is th ...

Country or NationSacred Mountain

The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) is a nation without a state, formed by the ancient province of the Spanish Sahara, which was annexed in 1976 by Morocco and Mauritania. This territory was then completely occupied by Morocco when Mauritania with ...

Country or NationSahrawi

The Principality of Sealand is a micronation, or rather a self-declared State not recognised as such, with headquarters on Roughs Tower, an ex-marine platform used as a naval fort, constructed by England’s Royal Navy in 1942 and located in the Northern Se ...

Country or NationSealand

The Principality of Seborga is an Italian Micronation in the Liguria region, Imperia Province, bordering with France. The Principality of Seborga’s government takes the form of a Constitutional Monarchy, currently headed by Prince Marcello Menegatto. Bas ...

Country or NationSeborga

The Sindh territory is a fertile valley in the Indus River region. It borders to the south with the Indian Ocean, to the east with the Thar Desert that enters Rajasthan, India, to the west with the Khirtar Mountains and the Punjab Plain to the north. In ...

Country or NationSindh

Somaliland is situated to the east of the Horn of Africa and shares borders with the Djibouti Republic to the west, Ethiopia to the south, the Gulf of Aden to the north and Somalia to the east. The population is estimated at 3.5 million; 55% of this popul ...

Country or NationSomaliland
South Azerbaijan

South Azerbaijan is a region northwest of Iran, located to the south of Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan. The most important city is Ardabil and the region counts on a wide geographic and environmental diversity, starting with its mountains, valleys ...

Country or NationSouth Azerbaijan
South Cameroon

South Cameroon is a territory with borders to the west and northwest with Nigeria, to the east with the Republic of Cameroon and to the south with the Atlantic Ocean. South Cameroon’s population is approximately 6 million. The communities in the coastal r ...

Country or NationSouth Cameroon
South Moluccas

The South Moluccas are 150 islands located in the Banda Sea. The main islands are Ceram, Ambon and Buru. The Republic of South Moluccas exceeds a million people, with an additional 50 thousand living in the Netherlands. The majority of the South Moluccans ...

Country or NationSouth Moluccas
South Ossetia

The self proclaimed Republic of South Ossetia is a territory located in the Caucasus. Most of this province unilaterally declared its independence in 1993, and after winning in the war with Georgia, they became an independent de Facto republic; without a ...

Country or NationSouth Ossetia

The Svalbard archipelago, previously named Spitzberg for the largest of the islands that make it up, is an archipelago situated in the Glacial Arctic Ocean and which forms part of the Kingdom of Norway. It consists of a group of islands that covers the ar ...

Country or NationSvalbard
Székely Land

The majority of the Hungarian people live in the Székely Land or Szeklerland, in the Transylvania region. The area has borders with the Carpathian Mountains to the east and the south, with Ukraine to the north, with Hungary to the east and with several te ...

Country or NationSzékely Land



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