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Ogaden is also known as the Western Somali Region or Ogadenia. It is situated in the westernmost region of Ethiopia and borders with Djibouti to the north, Kenya to the southwest and Somalia to the north, east and south. The region’s capital has been Jiji ...

Country or NationOgaden

Strangely enough, the discovery of oil in the Niger Delta was the worst of news for the Ogoni People. The American oil company, Shell, arrived in the region in 1957 and gave way to an industrial process that has affected not only the Ogoni society, but al ...

Country or NationOgoni

Orania Orania is an Afrikaner people, located along the Orange River, in the arid Karoo Region, in the North Cape Province. Its population is completely Afrikaner. The people’s objective is to create a bastion for the Afrikaans and the Afrikaner identity ...

Country or NationOrania

Oromo is also called Biyya-Oromo or Oromiya. This was one of the free nations located in the Horn of Africa until its colonization and occupation by Abyssinia at the end of the XIX century. It has borders with Somalia, the lands of Afar and Djibouti on th ...

Country or NationOromo



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