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Balochistan, “the country of the Baloch”, actually forms part of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is strategically placed on the western side of the Middle East, linking the Central Asian States with the Indian sub-continent and the Indian Ocean. The la ...

Country or NationBalochistan
Basque Country

Since October 25, 1979 the Autonomous Community of Spain, better known as Basque or Euskadi Country, was declared and recognised as a Nationality by its Autonomous Statute and by the Spanish Constitution. Its citizens are called Basques and Euskeras. Off ...

Country or NationBasque Country

The Batwa people originally settled in the mountainous regions surrounding Lake Kivu and Lake Edward, in the Great Lakes region in Africa. The estimated population of the Batwa people, divided between Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and the Eastern Congo, varies ...

Country or NationBatwa



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