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Abkhazia is situated on the western coast of Black Sea and borders with Russia to the north and Georgia to the east. Abkhazia was separated from Georgia in 1992 and is looking for more international recognition of its independence; up to now it has only r ...

Country or NationAbkhazia

The Afrikaners (including the Boer subgroup) make up almost 3 million of the 49 million that presently live in the republic of South Africa, even though another half million Afrikaners live in the Diaspora. They speak their own language and for the most ...

Country or NationAfrikaner

The Ahwazi Arabs are one of the largest minority groups inside Iran and are predominately situated in the province of Al-Ahwaz. This place is also known as Arabistan or Khuzestan and is found in the Southeastern portion of Iran. The population of Al-Ahw ...

Country or NationAhwazi

Assyria (Akkadian: Aššur), was a Semitic Akkadian kingdom, extant as a nation state from the late 25th or early–24th century BC until 605 BC. The People of Assyria are the Assyrians are one of the indigenous populations of Iraq. The Assyria territory ext ...

Country or NationAssyria, Assyrians

The Empire of Atlantium is a micronation headquartered in Sydney, Australia; George Francis Cruickshank (Jorge II) created it on November 27, 1981 under the form of a non-territorial global government. The Empire of Atlantium arose as a response to a per ...

Country or NationAtlantium



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