Rami Hamdalla has resigned as Prime Minister

abbasPalestinian sources have announced that the president of the Palestinian State, Mahmud Abbas, accepted the resignation of the Prime minister, Rami Hamdalla last Sunday after he rejected working with the two Vice-Prime Ministers named last Thursday by Mahmud Abbas to work under his direct authority.
The same Palestinian sources attribute Rami Hamdalla’s divergences with Abbas regarding the powers of the Prime Minister as the reason for his resignation. In his resignation letter, Hamdalla asked for “clear, well-defined competencies, on how the Prime Minister and the Vice-Prime Ministers must comply with the law of the state of Palestine in order to avoid conflicts and the superposition of prerogatives.” Without a doubt, the Prime minister’s conditions for staying were rejected by the Palestinian president.
Rami Hamdalla, professor at the University Al-Nayah in the city of Nablus – to the north of the west Bank – was sworn in on last June 6 as the new Prime Minister of the Palestinian State, together with 24 members of his government that up until then Mahmud Abbas toasted to their “trust and protection”.

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